Published on the 17th of June 2016

Force continues on this vibe, adding sturdy house rhythms and twisted sound effects while a subtle melody creates a deep, dark club atmosphere. Third track Dresscode is a collab with The Voyagers, bouncing hard on nicely flowing vocals that work up a dub-meets-house sound, catchy and irresistable!

Supported By:
Throttle, Vato Gonzalez, Don Diablo, Curbi, Matroda, Joe Stone, Henry Fong, Bart B More, D.O.D, Lucky Date, Gregor Salto, Bougenvilla, Thomas Newson, Bob Sinclar, CMC$, The Voyagers, Retrovision, Roulsen, Girls Love DJs, Mynoorey  and many more,

The Voyager present a full EP, free to download on Spinnin’ Premium, featuring a unique collection of high energy tunes. 

The Voyagers - Eclectic Bass EP Vol. 1 is OUT NOW!
Listen / download at your favorite service: https://www.spinninrecords.com/premium
Link to the Track: https://youtu.be/gQgQJsyKZ2A